Spare parts

All Toyota equipment is manufactured with original parts, therefore, if you want to maintain the quality and reliability of your equipment, it is necessary to carry out maintenance and repair using original parts. This will give you a better operation performance, as well as the conservation of the value of your long-term investment.

Advantages of offering and installing original Toyota parts

To have products of the same quality with which your equipment was manufactured.
Lower operating and maintenance costs.
Increased productivity and lifetime of your equipment.
Less downtime due to repairs.
Savings due to less frequent purchase of new spare parts.
Advice and support by a specialist advisor.
Advice and Warranty for spare parts and components (12 months or 2,000 hours).

Spare parts types

Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks

Soft movement

Simple material handling? This model simplifies the work of pulling and transporting products in warehouses or distribution centers. Keep things moving, comfortably and efficiently.

Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks 42 inches

Load Capacity: up to 5,500 lbs

Measure 42 inches


Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks 48 inches

Load capacity: up to 5,500 lbs

Measure 48 inches



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