Customized solutions

We provide support to all our equipment during its lifetime, through service solutions customized for your needs.

New equipment

We have more than 100 years of worldwide experience manufacturing material handling equipment that allow us to offer the widest range of product according to your needs.

Pre-owned equipment

We have pre-owned equipment reviewed by Toyota experts. Each equipment has the quality, security and performance guaranty that contributes to a good quality-price relation that guarantees the reliability of the equipment.


Our goal is to cover all our customer needs, that’s why we optimize your operational fleet and advice to find the best solution through a customized plan and equipment.


Our commitment is to offer support to all our equipment during its lifetime. We have a wide variety of service solutions customized for your needs with trained labor and extensive service network.

Spare parts

All our equipment has original parts, so in order to continue with the quality and reliability of the equipment, it’s necessary to do the proper maintenance and repairs. This will be helpful to maintain a quality operation.


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